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Gary and Miguel - Central Park Surprise Engagement


Even before their first date, Miguel knew that he felt a rare chemistry that made him want to devote his attention entirely to Gary. Gary, a Manager at Trader Joe’s and Miguel, a full time student working on his Master’s in Social Work all while working at Trader Joe’s and interning in the mental health field, are both native New Yorkers that met on OkCupid. The initial intention was friendship, but they soon realized just how much they had in common.


Two years later, they are certain that they want to spend their lives together.

Gary loves the passion with which Miguel approaches everything, especially his career, and Miguel loves Gary's dorky humor, but above all else his kind heart. Their uniquely special relationship is adventurous, loving, quirky, and full of laughter. They praise how effectively they communicate and how easily it is to have fun with one another and laugh.


According to Miguel, one of their most romantic memories took place on the night of Gary’s sister’s birthday. As the night drew to an end and the soft music began to play Gary, not being a dancer himself, invited Miguel to the dance floor. This romantic gesture was much appreciated since he knew how much effort it took for him to ask. A touching moment for Gary was when his sick grandfather expressed his joy at the sight of both Gary and Miguel in love. Its beauty reminded him of his late wife, who passed away several years ago.

Congratulations on your engagement Gary and Miguel!

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